Saturday, March 19, 2011

30 DOT Day 25

The reason you believe you’re still alive today.

Here's why, plain and simple

  The song lyrics                                                   My life

I was born in Tennessee                                              Change that to Florida
Late July humidity                                                           and that to August
Doctor said I was lucky to be alive                        

I’ve been trouble since the day that I got here
Trouble till the day that I disappear
That’ll be the day that I finally get it right

There is hope for me yet
Because God won’t forget
All the plans he’s made for me
I have to wait and see
He’s not finished with me yet

I never really was that good in school                          I actually was good in school LOL
I talked too much, broke the rules                                 Now that's true
Teacher thought I was hopeless fool alright

I don’t know how but I made it through 
It’s one of those things that you’ve gotta do
But I always had a knack for telling the truth                 Not so much...


Still wondering why I’m here
Still wrestling with my fear
But oh, He’s up to something
And the farther on I go
I’ve seen enough to know
That I’m, not here for nothing
He’s up to something

So now’s my time to be a man                                     or woman
Follow my heart as far as I can
No telling where I’m ending up tonight
I never slow down or so it seems
But singing my heart it’s one of my dreams
All I gotta do is hold on tight


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