Saturday, March 5, 2011

30 DOT Day 11

Something people seem to compliment you the most on.

Hmm, people compliment me; do they do that? I know my husband always says I'm beautiful but he's contractually obligated to do so! Lilly always tells me I'm the best Mommy ever but I think she's a little biased. Geesh, look how I just explained away all those compliments.  

Okay. How about this? People often compliment me on my writing ability. I find it easy to express my thoughts and feelings in written words as well as verbally. That's kind of a nicer way of saying I talk a lot. However I try to use my gift in this blog. I aim to be salt and light in the lives of others. I also use my God given abilities to teach others. I have been told I have a way of making God's Word understandable and applicable to your life and for this I am grateful. To think that God would use me to further His Gospel and disciple His children is an honor beyond compare that I am unworthy to behold.

I think the thing to remember when anyone compliments you, is to give God the glory. It is He who made me the way I am. So thank you God, for overcoming a big mouth and using her as your instrument :) 

I use what God has given me to proclaim Him, it is my offering.


  1. I love that! As I am talkative and a writer as well! Oh Yes remember to give God Glory!!

  2. I love the song by Nichole I posted, reminds me that however God made me, I should offer Him my praise and worship. I may not be a mountain, or a tree or a cloud but I can still display His beauty!