Friday, October 26, 2012

Tori series part 1...on account of those rattlesnakes

Awkward title, I know, but let me explain myself. Today marks the first installment on my series based on different character created by Tori Amos. A friend suggested I go with the woman who represents "Rattlesnakes" from the Strange Little Girl album. Neil Gaiman wrote mini- stories to go along with each character and here is hers.

She doesn't know who owned the jacket originally. Nobody claimed it after a party, and she figured it looked good on her.

It says KISS, and she does not like to kiss. People, men and women, have told her that she is beautiful, and she has no idea what they mean. When she looks in the mirror she does not see beauty looking back at her. Only her face.

She does not read, watch TV, or make love. She listens to music. She goes places with her friends. She rides rollercoasters but never screams when they plummet or twist and upside down.

If you told her the jacket was yours she'd just shrug and give it back to you. It's not like she cares, not one way or the other.

This is a very wearable neutral look with a touch of glamour in the super shiny lip. While it appears simple, I used a butt ton of products. The glowy look her skin had in the photo was hard to achieve so here's the list. Long list is long!

The arsenal:
Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundation in Fair
Philosophy Divine Illumination in Love at First Light
Philosophy Amazing Grace Shimmering Powder
Milani Illuminating Face Powder in Beauty's Touch
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin
MK Signature Eyesicle in Vanilla
Sephora 5 in 1 Color Play Palette
Urban Decay Virgin
Urban Decay Darkhorse mixed with Smog
MAC Smolder eye kohl
Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara
Avon Perfect Wear lip liner in Neutrals W
MAC Viva Glam V
NYC Liquid Lipshine in Nude York City

So tell me,did I do the look any justice? Any suggestions for my next character?

*I do not own or claim to own this video

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