Monday, October 24, 2011

Purple People Eater says whaaa??

I did this look for a Facebook group I'm in Never Too Much Sparkle. The fabulous Makeup Zombie hosts a makeup showcase on there. She chooses a theme and us ladies build a look around it. The most recent one was "Purple People Eater/ Monster Mash". I naturally chose the first since purple is my favorite color! Here's what I came up with (after a massive FAIL which I will keep to myself).

Here's a list of what I used
NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk
My Beauty Addiction Karma and Bella
Pampered Xombie Funhouse glitter
Madd Style Nirvana
theBalm Labcoat from the Muppet Palette
my usual Clinique mascara (thanks Aunt Gail for the freebies!!)

Til next time ;)


  1. Great look! I love the multicoloured glitter on the lid!

  2. I love Funhouse, any excuse to use it is a good one in my book :)

  3. goooosh what a sparkling purple! And just that tone of purple is fantastic! I want it too... plus the glitter of course...

  4. I LOVE purple and glitter so I really enjoyed this look. You do amazing looks EyeGraffiti!