Friday, October 7, 2011


I have put off writing this post for several weeks but here goes.

The hub and mini-me went to Helen the first weekend of Oktoberfest. We had a great time and had great food. It's a little town in the North GA mountains that stylistically looks German. The buildings are all German-ish in their architecture and there are lots of little shops and even a mid size waterfall you can hike to. It's a little kitsch and touristy but that's okay with me, I'm a tourist LOL!

Here's some fun pics from our mini vacay

My delay in writing this post is due to the men that we saw later in the evening. Things were going fabulous for our family weekend away until I saw them. A small group of men toting Bibles, microphones and signs. The hatred they spewed put a real damper on my mood. I love Jesus and proudly proclaim Him as my Savior and I imagine these boneheads do as well. But the God they claim to love is the not the same one I serve. The God I love and talk to daily is a loving Father who forgives our mistakes so amazingly He actually forgets them. He sacrificed His Son to save these men who infuriated me as well the very people these guys were protesting against.

I hesitate to even post these pictures, because of the hateful message they were touting, but I feel it is important to defend my God and clear His name even though He doesn't need me to. If you know me, you know I talk... a lot... and have no problem with speaking my mind. However, I refrained from engaging these guys in any kind of debate because I knew my blood pressure was up and smoke was almost coming out of my ears as it was and to hear them twist the Word of God would have sent me over the edge.

Now, don't get me wrong, I do believe homosexuality is a sin, but it is no worse than the many hetero sins people commit every day. And does God still love me even when I sin? Emphatically YES!! Does God still love men and women who choose that lifestyle? Just as emphatically YES!! Does He want us all to turn from our sinful ways and towards Him? Without a doubt YES!! So here are the pictures I snapped from a safe distance without me having to punch someone in the junk (which is what I wanted to do).


  1. I completely agree, and may I say how refreshing it is to see someone who actually acknowledges that homosexuality is sin.. nowadays even all my Christian friends believe it's not. It makes me feel so isolated in my beliefs, especially since I can't even share them without being called a homophobe, bigot or worse. That's why I'm glad to see you so unafraid to speak the truth. Like you, I do NOT agree that God hates gays, or any other such nonsense. We're all sinners and we're all guilty, that's why we need God.. no one of us is better than any other.

    Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for posting this because it's been an encouragement to me, even though those pictures are just so saddening.

  2. Thanks for the comment, and glad to be of encouragement to you. Too often, people assign their own characteristics to God. Our unwillingness to forgive, our judgemental attitudes and even our skepticism. Thankfully, God knows the heart of us all and sees past our shortcomings to the person we can become. While that doesn't give us carte blanche to sin willy nilly, it does give us hope and reassurance that we can be forgiven!