Thursday, August 19, 2010

This all started from a crisis of faith

Have you ever had those moments where you really examine what you believe and wonder, do I really believe this? It is easy to get trapped in the routine of going to church and not ever really thinking about the significance of it. It's more than just going to a building a couple of times a week, singing a few songs, and putting some money in a plate. In fact after doing some research, I think it is an inaccurate phrase to say "We go to church". What's more truthful would be to say "We are the church".

Sure, it's getting popular to say "The church isn't the building, it's the people" so much so it has almost become cliche'. But how many people actually believe that? I went to a church leadership conference at Savannah Christian Church several years ago. I saw a sign above the exit that said "The church has left the building". I liked that when I saw it, but didn't take it to heart. I have immersed myself in the world of going to a show every Sunday and singing some songs and listening to a sermon for 40 minutes and calling that church.

I guess what I'm saying is I want something more than that. I want true growth that comes only from the Holy Spirit. I want authentic relationships that comes from being in one another's lives daily. I want to "worship in spirit and in truth" as it says in John 4:23-24.  I don't want to be caught up in big crowds and fog machines. I want honest people and pure love. I am trading in rules and regulations for freedom and grace.

I'm not saying anything negative about church in general, it is good for us to worship the Lord with other believers. God made us to be social creatures, to be in relationship with Him and others. But true relationship cannot usually come from a Sunday morning experience. It comes from being involved in each others lives, and knowing others needs and their weaknesses. And here's where the hard part is, Bum bum bum...(dramatic movie music here): sharing your own weaknesses. . When you involve yourself with others, you will know their troubles and they will know yours and that level of vulnerability can be hard. I know it is for me.

I spent years learning how to build up walls around my heart, to keep people at an arm's length in order to preserve myself. But I am learning life is not about self preservation it's about dying to self. It's not about being independent, it's about being dependent on God. He has called us to actively seek Him and be a light in the darkest place. That darkest place is the world in which we live. And our light should be a reflection of His.


  1. Interesting point of a good way. Although we have different tastes in church- I have to say that the dying to oneself is something I haven't done- I agree with's hard to do it.. I build up walls to...and I don't let anyone in because I don't want rejection and I don't want people to know any rate..thanks Melissa, this is something God has been working on me with....I have a lot to learn as a christian.

  2. I have tears rolling down my face. I want for you to know how BIG of an impact that you and Chris have made in our lives. You are correct, it's about relationships and you're stuck with me (even though every once in a while you could turn on the fog machine, just for fun)!

  3. Thanks Tara and Deb for the comments. I truly believe God works in our lives not only for our benefit but for the good of others too. That's why I am pursuing my writing more. If God is trying to teach me something, maybe someone else needs it. Love you both! And Deb, the feeling is mutual, you are stuck with ME! Just ask Tara, I've known her since kindergarten LOL

  4. Melissa, God IS working in all of our lives, we just have to listen quetly to what He is teaching us. I am still learning and will be soakin git all in till the day I leave this place. God is good to a wrteched sinner like me. He shows such compassion to even me when I am so unforgivable. Thank God He paid the price that we could live with Him eternally.