Sunday, August 22, 2010

Doesn't Remind Me

Today Chris got to lead a song by one of his favorite artists and boy did he rock it out! As I watched him from the crowd, my heart swelled with pride and I was taken back to the summer after 9th grade. I remember seeing him, his hair at the in between stage of short and growing out, wristbands and a guitar, and I thought he was a Rock and Roll Jesus. And now, 16 years later he's rocking out for Jesus. We have both come so far and still have quite a road to travel.

I didn't really "grow up" in church, my Nana and Aunt Gail would take me some Sundays, but it was not a part of my nuclear family's life. I remember getting ready with Nana, she would let me use some of her red (and I mean RED) lipstick, and she would put a shawl on my shoulders and I thought I was grown up! She and my aunt were both Godly influences on my life while at the time I don't think I fully realized the impact they would have on me.

So here's the connection to the song... My life today "Doesn't Remind Me" of my youth. It is something totally new and foreign, but in a good way. A lot of people have more of a Christian background than me, have been "at it" longer than I have, and are way better at it than I am. But the point in all of it is... I am being shaped and molded daily into the person God would have me to be. He uses my family, friends, His Word. He uses blessings and trials, success and failure. And I think he does all this to remind me, You're not who I want you to be yet, but by My Blood, you're not who you were. My sins have been moved as far as the East is from the West, and he  "Doesn't remind me" of them!

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