Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So you may have noticed there has been a slow down in my blogging. That's pretty sad considering I was just getting started. Let me explain myself. My family is going through a huge change right now and it keeps trying to work it's way into my writing. I am not yet comfortable discussing this issue fully. There are many details that go into it and I have not yet decided what will and will not be shared. Chris and I are both in serious prayer regarding it, and if you feel led to join us in prayer we would appreciate it. Wisdom is what we need more than anything.

I have however made the decision to stay honest and positive throughout the whole thing. That is a choice we each make for ourselves. People will try to hurt you, dissuade you, change you. Being true to Christ within yourself is where the power lies. I know what God has said and I will not be moved!

The song really has nothing to do with the situation at hand but dang, I love to see that girl rocking her voice to some serious distortion for Jesus!! However the chorus is exactly what I believe...

On Christ the Solid Rock I stand
All other ground is sinking sand


  1. I can't imagine you anything but honest and positive! Stay strong and move forward with God your never alone!! You keep walking the walk not just talking the talk!!! Love you All!!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Pat. We're trying but geesh sometimes it's tough! Love you too.