Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics review

I have been a makeup junkie for years. As soon as my Mom allowed me to start wearing it, it was ON! I have since ventured out from my original black eyeliner and deep blood red lips thankfully. In recent years I have developed a penchant for indie mineral makeup. For my non-junkie readers, translation: Mineral eyeshadows, lip products, and other pretties made by small businesses. They are usually ran with minimal employees, typically the owner/ formulator and maybe a family member. I have tried more than a few companies, but this is my first serious review and the lovely subject is Darling Girl Cosmetics.

It came securely packaged in a bubble mailer, with several smaller, and super cute bags inside.

This was my first purchase from Susan, founder and owner of DGC. It all started with my quest for an indie dupe of the coveted NARS Orgasm blush that makes me blush just saying the name. I'm in a makeup group with her on Facebook, and I may have gently prodded her into making one! And I am so glad I did. She introduced "She-Bop", a duochrome blush that is peachy with a golden shift after the 2011 holiday season. I knew as soon as I saw her dupe, I had to have it! Not to mention, my 2nd grade teacher called me Cyndi Lauper since I got in trouble in class for singing! I also ordered a Pretty Mistakes Grab Bag (5 random shadows), Jeweled Taupe eyeshadow, SuperStar Serum, and Sweet Lips on the Go Sugar Scrub all for $29 including shipping!! Here are the pretty maids all in a row.

Ready for some pictures??

The blush I ordered, She-Bop was clearly labeled with ingredients as well as a warning: Don't put on your lips, and I guess you also shouldn't eat it... even though it looks yummy! The jar came with a sifter and a sticker over that to ensure no spillage, thus no loss of the pretties.

The lip scrub is amazing! I use it almost every day. The sugar gently exfoliates your lips and the remaining balm is silky and moisturizing. Don't tell anyone, but I always nibble off the sugar instead of rinsing it off. Susan said it was ok!

How cute is this sticker?! I can't decide if I want to put it on my sewing machine or makeup organizer, decisions, decisions!

Over NYX  JEP  in milk
 Jeweled Taupe, oh how I love you! This is such a complex color, a nice taupe with a bronze quality that reminds me gorgeous jewelry and it has sparkles galore. I love this as a lid color. The official description is an amazing metallic bronzey taupe with amazing multi-colored shimmers like tiny little jewels ribbon-ed through it. Yup, that about sums it up, but she left "freaking fantastic" out of the description!

I'm not gonna tease you with swatches of these as they are "Pretty Mistakes". You couldn't order them if you tried, suffice it to say, they are all lovely.

I also received two samples including one from her brand new collection, Darling Grrl! Did I mention I am a HUGE fan of The Cure and was excited to see that "Friday, I'm in love" was the one I got?!

I think that about sums it up for my experience. Would I purchase from DGC again? Uh, yeah! Amazing customer service, quality prices and reasonable prices, you bet! Be sure to check them out, they're a great company to do business with. Have you tried Darling Girl? What's your favorite item from them? Go, shop, win!

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