Friday, May 27, 2011

Confessions of a closet girly girl

Stands in front of crowd and admits "Hi, my name is Melissa and I like pretty things."

I like playing with makeup, painting my nails and horror of horrors, I even like sappy chick flicks! I'm not your typical girly girl though. My idea of a great night could include running some dungeons with my husband in WoW or watching a scary movie, hanging with my family or on rare occasions going out with my friends, or trying a new hair color!

Speaking of hair color, it is currently blonde, with some red and pink (see my profile pic). I usually do my own hair, but this time decided to go to an actual salon! And I am so glad I did. The blonde and intense red has such dimension that I don't think I could have achieved on my own, and I love it! I've done several different color combos in the past. But by far my favorite is blonde and red.

I also got to break out my Urban Decay eyeshadow "Gash" which is an awesome brickish red which looks supa fly with my hair LOL! Okay, enough random rambling for now, have a great weekend my friends!!!


  1. Oh I am loving your hair! It's good that you're a girly girl yet not typical :D That makes you special!

  2. Thanks Magdalene, I love my hair, and just hoping it doesn't fade too quickly :/And yay for being special LOL!