Monday, January 24, 2011

Why I don't wear crucifixes (or Hey, Jesus get down off of that cross)

You've probably seen them before, those big and overly ornate crosses in churches. You may even have one in your own home. Gilt with gold, maybe some semi precious stones and a good coat of lacquer to give it that sparkly sheen... And there's poor Jesus hanging on it, looking like He just lost His best friend. While they may be beautiful to look at (which even that is debatable in my opinion); since my conversion for lack of better term, they have always bothered me.

They don't bother me because I deny the miracle of His sacrifice for me. I find it completely amazing and quite often overwhelming that He would such a thing for little old me. Not because I am repulsed by the sight of an artists rendition of Him, though I do hate to think of Him suffering because of my mess ups. What I am bothered by is the idea of commemorating the myth that He stayed up there. HE DIDN'T!

He died an unnatural and painful death at the hands of His accusers on behalf of His creation, but He did not stay that way. That's the miracle of the crucifixion and resurrection. It is a fact that Jesus died. His heart stopped beating, His lungs stopped taking in air. But you can't keep a good man down. He lives! He walked the Earth following the brutal death He suffered.

I have often thought "Why don't we wear empty tombs on chains? Or maybe a rock symbolizing the stone that was rolled away." I have seen a flame on a necklace before, symbolizing the Holy Spirit and I really liked that!I do not have disdain for the cross. I have cross necklaces, and I wear them. But you will not find a graven image of Jesus on that cross around my neck. I consider it my personal reminder of His triumph over death. Just some food for thought.

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