Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snowpocalpyse Now

Holy moly, it has been a long couple of days completely iced in here in Georgia. And to top it all off, my mood suddenly went south, maybe for the winter. Do you ever have that happen? Where things are just trucking along and every thing's fine and then WHAM, grump city? I hate when that happens and I can't explain it. When I get irritable in traffic, it's understandable. If I feel frustrated waiting at the doctor's office, I get it. But now? Nothing is wrong, but my nerves get raw and any little thing can aggravate the crap out of me.

So how do you break that funk? How do you peek through the clouds that loom overhead and see the sun? No really, I'm looking for an answer here.

Well one thing I try to do is think about things to be thankful for. Let's try that.

Today I am thankful for my new Serendipity Bible I got at Lifeway. It is a Bible designed specifically for small groups. It contains discussion questions, reading plans, study lessons and lots more. A friend of mine suggested it and I am so glad I found it. I checked Books-A-Million, but they did not have it, nor could they even order it. I thought that was kind of strange being such a major business. However, the girl working suggested Lifeway and even offered to find the phone number for me which I thought was excellent customer service.

I am also thankful for my brother who I get to see Saturday!! I can't wait. This whole "him living in Florida" thing is tough. We have always been a close knit family. Although growing up I was the mean big sister and he was the annoying little brother, we actually like each other now. I am not digging seeing him only every couple of months. But alas, he and his lovely bride made the decision best for their family, so I will enjoy the time I get with them!

Aww, look a that. A little bit of rambling and I am in a better mood. And you came along for the ride. Most of my blogs I try to have a point, this one.... not so much! See ya later for now, maybe next time I'll have something important to say... or not... we'll see.

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