Friday, February 1, 2013

Go Dawgs!

Recently Zoya had a promotion where you could get three polishes and just pay $10 shipping. So naturally I jumped at the chance. I ordered Storm, Blaze and Aurora. I put Aurora on my toes but will spare you pics of my feet, because feet are just nasty. But here's the mani I did using Storm and Blaze.
Also, my nails are pathetic typically. They're thin, peel and break like nobodies business. So I bought a $7 Kiss acrylic kit at WalMart and tried my hand at it. I've still got a lot to improve on, but in general the kit was easy to use, fairly decent instructions and hey, now nails aren't nubbins!

So whadya think, are you a natural nail girl or acrylic/ gel manicure kinda gal? 

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